For those of you who own or are going to open your own internet cafe, we offer special software. It will allow you to control the entire digital system in your establishment and provide your customers with an unforgettable time.



To develop your cyber cafe and attract new visitors to this place, you need to provide them with the most comfortable conditions for playing. One of the best and right decisions to do this is to choose good software for your platform. Below, we have explained to you in more detail why partnering with Ocean Monster will make your business more successful.


You do not need to always have the same price for your services. You can easily raise or lower the cost whenever you want. Thus, for example, you can cut the price by half at night, which will provide you with a customer flow even at such times. Or you can reduce your price by a certain percentage until the evening. Moreover, so that your visitors can have an idea of the service cost in your internet cafe, we offer you to create your own price list.


Another advantage of Ocean Monster software is that you are accessed to complete control over your business. Our product allows you to record the data of each user which will help you make your establishment even more attractive to players.

So, the window of the user record consists of five parts. The first part is pretty typical – the user needs to provide basic information about himself, such as place of residence and contact information.

The next part is optional so your customer can refuse to fill out the form. Here the player provides the data of his documents, for example, the date or number.

The third part is authentication. This information has to do with the users’ safety. Your customers do not need to worry about next visitors stealing their data, even if they forget to delete it. The user can use either an anonymous username and password or use their smart card.

The next is to record what services your customer used, as well as ensure navigation control. And finally, the fifth part is workstation management. This means that you will be able to monitor all users’ activities from your workstation. We will discuss this feature later.


What does the software need to ensure reliability and easily compete with its competitors in the marketplace? The answer is quite simple – the capability to track your clients’ actions throughout the entire session. You can monitor the navigation of individual users from the very beginning to the end of the session. This applies not only to search queries and actions on the Internet. Recharges, as well as printing sessions and their duration, are recorded and will be displayed on the screen as soon as you wish.

But there is even more. See the calls made by your visitors and their number. You can easily convert all information to text, HTML, or Excel files. However, you should warn users about these features in advance and explain to them that it is necessary both for their and your safety.


Depending on the workstation status, it will display a certain color.

  • Gray color represents “not enabled” status. This means that the workstation cannot start the explorer client navigation module.
  • Green color represents “free” status: you can make all available connections to this workstation.
  • Olive green is “explorer client not executed” status. This means the PC is available, but the explorer client program is not operating.
  • Finally, red color means that the computer is busy and other users are using the workstation.


This feature is one of the most important as it allows you, as a business owner, to keep track of your customers’ payments. You will always know which payment plan a particular player uses: pre-paid, post-paid, or time-based plan. Besides that, those users who have already spent their time will be displayed in red. This means that they either need to pay extra time to play or stop playing and leave your internet cafe.


Ocean Monster is a provider committed to offering high-tech solutions developed by real specialists. We will provide you with all the features you need to make your internet cafe unrivaled. Get ready to take full control over the entire system at your establishment. You will be able to access data from all computers used by your visitors, track their payments, and prevent them from using your services for more than the allotted time. We always make changes and improvements to our developments so we guarantee the high quality of our product.