Fascinating fish games are becoming more and more popular. We, Ocean Monster’s developers, are willing to create such fish games that will make our users satisfied with their gaming experience and also get the most out of playing in them. The Ocean Monster platform offers you a wide range of games with fish of different types. Let us get to know them better!


Another famous game type is slots. We offer slot games with the sea kingdom inhabitants which smoothly complement their design and diversify the games. The main goal of the fish slot gamer is as follows: you need to spin the reel and get certain combinations of symbols on it. However, the game goes beyond this. There are certain combinations, for example, multipliers, wilds, and others, that allow you to score more points.

We are sure you will enjoy playing our fish slot games. When developing our platform, we used only the most modern technologies to make the user experience unforgettable.


We at Ocean Monster offer you two of the most popular types of fish games: fish arcades and fish slots. Playing both games, you will undoubtedly have fun and spend your time excitingly. To better understand what the difference between these two types is, we decided to first talk about fish arcades and then proceed to sweepstakes games.

If you have ever visited a land-based casino, then you are probably familiar with this type. Now fish arcades are available not only in special places, bars, or restaurants, but also here, on the Internet. The fish arcades’ essence is quite simple and straightforward. All the gamer needs to do is aim at the swimming fish and earn points.

Instead of regular deposits, you need to pay for each bullet. It does not matter whether you hit the fish or not; every bullet has to be paid for. However, every time you hit a fish, you get your money back again. Another difficulty in fish arcades is hitting the fish itself. You need to be as precise and focused as possible. It may seem that hitting a fish is quite easy, but actually, you need to consider many factors that affect the marine animal’s path of moving. Try it and you will see how it is fascinating and addicting.